UPDATE: Sept. 24, 2020

    Forty (40) days from now is ELECTION DAY!  We have a lot of events coming up (unit meetings, Celebrate Women, Mountain Day), but the most important is ELECTION DAY on Nov. 3.  Make sure you are registered to vote by CLICKING HERE.

    We were fortunate to have Dan Webb at our Sept. Unit Meeting to explain why we all must support the 1st Constitution Amendment that will be on our ballots.  This amendment will establish a 16-member Commission to define our voting districts. Dan is from Roanoke County, and works on the staff of Senator Sutterlein (R) for the 19th District.

    The RARC needs us all to help patrol Polling Stations on Election Day in Rockbridge County.  We have 13 voting precincts, so we will need LOTS of VOLUNTEERS to put up signs, hand out sample ballots, and monitor the actual voting process. Contact Jan Lowry if you can help out.

    FINALLY, if you missed it, CLICK HERE to watch the first debate between our great U.S. Senate Candidate Daniel Gade and current incumbent Sen. Mark Warner. Gade did a great job!

    What's Happening

    Jim Kostelni with Mrs. Wendy Gade
    Might want to listen to Sen. Ted Cruz speak to the Senate Judiciary Committee on the replacement of the late Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  CLICK HERE.
    The Special Session of the General Assembly, purportedly called by the Governor to address the State budget, is STILL in session, and not one VOTE on the budget. CLICK HERE to see all the bills proposed for this session (the number of bills is changing daily!), and what has been passed or not.
    The Trump campaign is looking for volunteers to help register voters and knock on doors.   Your RARC is regularly setting up a table between now and October 13 to register voters.  We also want to schedule weekly door knocking sessions. Can you give 2 -3 hours once or twice a month to help re-elect President Trump?  Contact Jan Lowry.
    Website link for Rep. Ben Cline –  GOP U.S. House of Representatives
    Website link for Daniel Gade – Candidate, GOP U.S. Senate


    Articles/Opinion Pieces of Interest to Republicans, especially in light of the recent shootings/murders of police — “Twitter Promotes Media’s Spin on Gov. Ralph Northam’s Baby Killing Comments” (The Federalist, 09/19/2020)  [posted 9/24/2020]