The Mass Meeting of the RARC, scheduled for this Saturday (Mar. 28), has been canceled until further notice in compliance with State mandates regarding control of COVID-19.

Options are currently being considered for an "unassembled" meeting so that we can complete our elections as set forth here:

  1.  We will elect a chairman for our RARC. The two candidates are current Chairman Doug Smith and Cher McCoy.
  2.  We will elect our delegates and alternates - up to 320 each - to represent us at the 6th District Republican Convention. This will be held on May 30, 2020, in Woodstock, Virginia.
  3. We will elect our delegates and alternates - up to 320 each - to the State GOP Convention. This will be held in Richmond on May 1-2, 2020.

Qualified voters in Rockbridge County, Buena Vista and Lexington, who are in accord with all of the principles of the Republican Party and who agree to support all of the Party's candidates in the upcoming November election, qualify to participate in the RARC Mass Meeting. Note however:  The deadline for submitting your Mass Meeting Official Filing Form has passed. If the RARC did not receive your Filing Form by Mar. 21, you are not eligible to participate in these votes.


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Slew of tax hikes to help pay for spending increase in Virginia’s $135B budget – National Examiner, Mar. 25, 2020


Sen. Creigh Deeds voted YEA in the passage of HB386, which makes it illegal for any medical professional to provide “conversion therapy” to a child under age 18. Sound good?  Watch this short 2 min. video clip and learn what “conversion therapy” really is:
The real problem here is that PARENTS no longer have a choice – the Govt. has decided for you!

Sen. Creigh Deeds voted YEA in Committee to HB1663 on Monday, March 2. CLICK HERE TO READ A NOTICE sent out by Pastor Mark Hopkins, Shenandoah Baptist Church, Roanoke VA, about the affects this bill has on our 1st Amendment Right to practice religion as we choose. As Pastor Hopkins reports, this bill says that a religious organization “cannot hold its employees to a standard of conduct consistent with its Biblical convictions, values, and core religious tenets.” Sen. Creigh Deeds serves on this Senate Committee. Please call or email Sen. Deeds ASAP to let him know how you wish him to vote on this legislation  when the full Senate votes on this bill. The 2020 General Assembly has taken a hatchet to our 2nd Amendment Right, and now may do the same to part of our 1st Amendment Rights.

***UPDATE – Tues., March 3, 2020*** The Red Flag Law (HB 674 as amended) has passed both the House and Senate. Senator Creigh Deeds voted YEA.

RARC Legislation Committee Report for February 2020 – Click Here.

RARC Legislation Committee Report for January 2020 – Click Here.

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Website links for known candidates running in 2020 Virginia GOP Senate primary:
Alissa Baldwin
Omari Faulkner
Daniel Gade
Thomas Speciale
Scott Taylor
Victor Williams

Tweet (10/25/2019) from Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist:
Encrypted text messages show that @MarkWarner secretly colluded with a registered foreign agent for Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov. Warner has refused to explain why he was coordinating with a Russian agent who was also repping Christopher Steele.” Sen. Warner:  Virginians deserve an HONEST explanation!


Articles/Opinion Pieces of Interest to Republicans – How the Horrific Flu of 1918 Spread Across America – Smithsonian Magazine [posted Mar. 24, 2020]