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The U.S. is a Democratic Constitutional Republic, and Yes, It Matters (Intellectual Takeout, May 2019) [posted 10/13/2020]

VIDEO:  How Media Outlets Provoke Racial Strife (Just Facts, Oct. 6, 2020)  [posted 10/06/2020]

Twitter Promotes Media’s Spin on Gov. Ralph Northam’s Baby Killing Comments (The Federalist, 09/19/2020) [posted 9/24/2020]

Mark Alexander: The Heavy Price of Obama’s Race-Bait Rhetoric (12/22/2014) [posted 9/16/2020]

The solar panel toxic waste problem by Duggan Flanakin, CFact [posted 9/9/2020]

Fact Check: Debunking 10 Myths About The U.S. Postal Service–by David Ditch, The Heritage Foundation [posted 8/24/2020]

New York Times Manipulates FBI Lawyer’s Guilty Plea to Hide Real Spygate News–by Mollie Hemmingway on The Federalist  website Aug. 17, 2020  (posted 8/19/2020)

Records of conversations testifying to international corruption [Ukraine/Biden] – video posted June 22, 2020 [posted Aug. 8, 2020]

No, Hillsdale College Doesn’t  Need To Join The National Reckoning of Race by John Daniel Davidson [posted July 28, 2020]

What Happened to the Record Income Taxes Paid By Americans Last Year by Terrence P. Jeffrey, CNS News [posted July 15, 2020]

The myth of the Boston Tea Party by Jonathan Turley [posted July 4, 2020]

Some Facts Worth Knowing – Walter Williams  [posted June 13, 2020]

The four major packages enacted in response to covid-19 virus – govtrackinsider May 14, 2020  [posted May 19, 2020]

Milton Friedman Crushes Man’s 3 Questions like Dixie cups (youtube May 22, 2012) [posted Apr. 13, 2020]

The good, the bad, and the UGLY of the coronavirus relief bill – Convention of States (March 30, 2020) [posted April 4, 2020]

How the Horrific 1918 Flu Spread Across America – Smithsonian Magazine [posted Mar. 24, 2020]

JPMorgan Chase joins the war on America’s energy by Daniel Horowitz (Feb. 26, 2020) – [posted February 29, 2020]

The Proposed “New Way Forward Act” – Tucker Carlson: Criminals would be protected from deportation under bill AOC and Other House Democrats back (Fox News, Feb. 6, 2020) [posted Feb. 7, 2020]

Government Spending – Just Facts [posted Jan. 23, 2020]

Virginia’s Second Amendment Attack – by Walter E. Williams  [posted Jan. 12, 2020]

Just Facts:  Washington Post Systematically Understates the Crime Rate of Illegal Immigrants – youtube video;  and ‘Our doors are open’: Northam tells Trump Administration that Virginia will accept more refugees – [posted Dec. 11, 2019]

“The Looming ‘1984’ Election” by Victor Davis Hanson Nov. 2019 – article from American Greatness

“Conservative Civil Disobedience” by Charles Murray 2016 – video [posted Nov. 6, 2019]

If I were the devil – by Paul Harvey (1965) – video  [posted Oct. 31, 2019)

Climate Change hoax COLLAPSES as new science finds human activity has virtually zero impact on global temperatures – Natural News article, July 12, 2019   [Note from website editor:  Earth’s metal core is not affected by oil drilling –  In particular, read the last question/comment]

Bill Barr’s Brilliant Touchdown at Notre Down – CNS News article, Oct. 16, 2019

Ukraine:  The Democrats’ Russia  –  video by Glenn Beck.  2 hrs, 3 min. long.  First aired Oct. 3, 2019.

Green New Dealers Need Buckets of Icy Cold Reality Dumped On Their Climate Emergency – by Paul Driessen, Sept. 2019  [posted Sept. 29, 2019]

American Contempt for Liberty – Walter Williams (Video)  [posted Sept. 19, 2019]

Tides Foundation & Tides Center – Activist Facts [posted Sept. 9, 2019] One look at how “dark money” works.

The Deep State Was Targeting Trump Before He Became President — AND OBAMA KNEW! | Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch (Video of interview on WMAL Radio, Washington, D.C.)  [posted Aug. 30, 2019]

July 2019 Was Not the Warmest [posted Aug. 20, 2019]

$3,727,014,000,000:  Federal Spending Sets Record Through July; Treasury Runs $866, 812, 000,000 Deficit [posted Aug. 13, 2019]

Ten Things You Should Know About Socialism  [posted August 3, 2019]

Multiculturism, Diversity:  “I Have a Plan to Destroy America”  [posted July 27, 2019]

Here’s What’s in the Budget Bill Nobody’s Bothered to Read  [posted 7/26/2019]  Note:  The 6th District’s Rep. Ben Cline Voted Against this Bill –  Thanks, Rep. Cline!

Biden’s Stretch on Intellectual Property Theft   [posted on 7/12/2019]

Brilliance In 3 Parts   [posted 7/9/2019]

Busing, Segregation, and Educaton –  [posted 7/2/2019]

Racial Disparities in Maternal Deaths: Another SJW Fraud  – Bacon’s Rebellion Blog    [posted 7/2/2019]

The Decline of Black Education by Walter Williams  

The Argument Against Reparations for Slavery by Walter Williams   

Who’s Bankrolling the National Popular Vote Movement by Fred Lucas

Why I Stopped Believing in Man-made Global Warming and Became a Climate Skeptic by ClimateChangeDispatch (CCD) editor

I, Pencil:  The Movie  [an introduction to the free market economy]

Thomas Sowell:  Basic Economics

Thomas Sowell On The Myths of Economics Disparity

How Much Can Discrimination Explain – Walter Williams

The Diversity Delusion – Heather MacDonald