Kostelni for Buffalo District Supervisor

Charlie Kostelni for Buffalo Supervisor signs are here!

Please drop by the RARC Headquarters office (205C S. Main St, Lexington) and get one to show your support!





Dear Fellow Rockbridge Area Republicans,

As RARC Treasurer the past four years, I have come to greatly appreciate many of you for your dedication to our party and our beliefs. You attend meetings and answer the call to help our party and candidates. It simply does not work without people like you, thank you!

I appreciate and am honored to be your nominee for Buffalo District Board of Supervisor. I hope that we may win the opportunity for me to serve as supervisor and to promote our values while helping to meet the needs of the citizens of Rockbridge County.

Made or Grown in the U.S.A. are some of the most important words ever written. It means good jobs for people educated in our schools and trained to do the work successfully. It is a way for families and communities to form and succeed. It means prosperity and opportunity for our people, including our farmers, and especially our young people.

As someone born and raised in the Buffalo District, enjoying the neighbors, friends, hunting, fishing, sports, putting up hay, riding horses and other aspects associated with growing up in the country, I appreciate the values and many of the needs of our communities. My thirty five years of work, as a business person and owner, CPA, and Fraud Examiner, have enabled me to travel the world extensively including to China, Europe and up and down the east coast, several years in New York City, dealing with all types of people and cultures.

I am proud to say, I am from Rockbridge County, Virginia. My wife, a long time teacher at Central Elementary, and I raised our two sons here. They are both Eagle Scouts and we are family of strong Christian faith.

If elected to be Buffalo District Supervisor, my priorities would include; supporting our schools and teachers to improve the education and the preparation of our children, government financial responsibility, accountability to you, conservation of our resources, and improving the business environment so that all are welcome and our businesses can succeed and create opportunities for our families and communities to be stronger.

I look forward to meeting with as many people of the Buffalo District as possible and hearing about their needs and concerns, in hopes that they will vote for me, Charlie Kostelni, on November 5.

To this end, I ask all of you, my fellow Rockbridge Area Republicans and Conservatives, to help me in getting elected by the largest margin possible to send a message that our conservative values are alive and well, and are the best way forward for our county, state and country. They will not be given up. Let’s send a message that says we are here to stay!

Your help posting signs, encouraging friends and neighbors to vote for our candidates is critical.

Please call me at: 540-461-8833, to set up a meeting with you, your church or other organization or send me an e-mail at: charlesk@fraudshield1.com

Warm regards,

Charlie Kostelni