If you are a registered voter in Buena Vista, Lexington or Rockbridge County, and support and vote for Republican candidates for political office, then you can join our cause!

Membership dues are $30/per yr, payable in January. [Note for 2019, a $15 fee will be payable by June 1.]

What does membership mean?  It means that you will help to:

  • Promote and communicate the principles of the Republican Party as articulated in the Virginia Republican Creed;
  • Elect Republican candidates to public office;
  • Assist with elections in Buena Vista, Lexington and Rockbridge County;
  • Assist, inform and hold accountable elected Republican officials in the execution of their responsibilities.

The RARC holds a general meeting at least quarterly, but holds meetings more often during important election seasons. We also help to spread the word to other citizens in the Rockbridge Area about Republican values and Republican candidates—whether by holding special events, by sponsoring tables and/or booths at local events, writing letters to the editor, or sharing important information on the web.


YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!  If you believe in the Virginia Republican Creed, then you share our principles and values. JOIN US – for all of our futures and the futures of our children, grandchildren and future generations!

To join or renew your membership:

Pay Online - click on the JOIN US button below; or

Mail your membership fee to RARC, P.O. Box 1101, Lexington, VA  24450  no later than December 24 of each year; or

Hand-deliver your membership fee at the Unit meeting in January for that year.

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