Republican Party of Virginia 2020 Quadrennial Convention

May 1-2, 2020
Greater Richmond Convention Center
403 North 3rdStreet Richmond, VA 23219
(Convening on 5/1at 2:30 pm and on 5/2at 10:00 am)

Call to Convene
As Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia and pursuant to the Plan of Organization and as recommended and directed by the State Central Committee, I, Jack Wilson, do hereby issue this Call for the Republican Party of Virginia’s 2020 Quadrennial Convention (the “Convention”) to be held at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, or its alternate location,on May 1-2, 2020 for the following purposes:

A.  Binding Virginia Delegates to the 2020 Republican National Convention as to their choice for President on the first ballot by a Presidential Preference Poll;

B.  Electing 12 At-Large Delegates (“National Delegates”) and 12 At-Large Alternate Delegates (“National Alternates”) to the Republican National Convention to be held on August 24-27,2020 at the Spectrum Center, Charlotte, NC in (or its alternate site) (the “National Convention”);

C.  Nominating two Electors At-Large to be voted for in the presidential election on November 3, 2020;

D.  Electing a State Chairman;

E.  Nominating a National Committeeman and National Committeewoman;

F.  And for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the Convention.

The Convention will open on Friday May 1st at 2:30 pm for the election of permanent Convention officers and adoption of rules. No other election shall occur prior to 12:00 noon on Saturday May 2nd. I direct the Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia to publish this Official Call on the RPV website and via such other means as may be necessary, in accordance with the Rules of the Republican Party.

I.  Qualifications for Participation
All legal and qualified voters under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, regardless of race, religion, national origin or sex, who are in accord with the principles of the Republican Party, and who, if requested, express in open meeting either orally or in writing as may be required their intent to support all of its nominees for public office in the ensuing election may participate as members of the Republican Party of Virginia in its mass meetings, party canvasses, conventions, or primaries encompassing their respective election districts.

II.Composition of Convention
The Convention shall be composed of delegates and alternate delegates of the respective units they represent. Each unit is allocated one (1) delegate vote for each two hundred fifty (250) votes or major portion thereof cast for the Republican nominee in the most recent elections for President and Governor, provided that each unit shall be entitled to at least one (1) delegate vote. Delegates and alternate delegates shall be elected in unit mass meetings, party canvasses or conventions called in conformity with the Plan of Organization. Each unit may elect no more than five delegates and five alternate delegates for each delegate vote allocated. Each unit’s Delegate Vote is set forth below:

UnitDelegate Vote
Accomack County  57                                                                                           Loudoun County  465
Albemarle County  136                                                                                         Louisa County  71
Alexandria  96                                                                                                       Lunenburg Couny  21
Alleghany County/Covington  40                                                                      Lynchburg  116
Amelia County  32                                                                                                Madison County  30
Amherst County  65                                                                                            Manassas  39
Appomattox County  38                                                                                      Manassas Park  11
Arlington County  146                                                                                         Martinsville  15
Augusta County  174                                                                                            Mathews County  24
Bath County  10                                                                                                    Mecklenburg County  54
Bedford County  205                                                                                           Middlesex County  25
Bland County 17                                                                                                   Montgomery County  128
Botetourt County  89                                                                                          Nelson County  29
Bristol  32                                                                                                              New Kent County  55
Brunswick County  20                                                                                        Newport News  166
Buchanan County  43                                                                                         Norfolk  140
Buckingham County  26                                                                                    Northampton County  18
Campbell County  129                                                                                        Northumbeland County  30
Caroline County  45                                                                                            Nottoway County  24
Carroll County  68                                                                                               Orange County  69
Charles City County  10                                                                                      Page County  51
Charlotte County  24                                                                                          Patrick County  43
Charlottesville  21                                                                                               Petersburg 10
Chesapeake  349                                                                                                 Pittsylvania County  141
Chesterfield County  573                                                                                  Poquoson  34
Clarke County   31                                                                                              Portsmouth  84
Colonial Heights  38                                                                                          Powhatan County  81
Craig County  14                                                                                                  Prince Edward County  27
Culpeper County  87                                                                                          Prince George County 61
Cumberland County  18                                                                                    Prince William County  473
Danville  48                                                                                                         Pulaski  74
Dickenson County  30                                                                                       Radford  17
Dinwiddie County  48                                                                                       Rappahannock County  17
Emporia/Greensville County  18                                                                    Richmond City  111
Essex County  18                                                                                                Richmond County  15
Fairfax City  26                                                                                                   Roanoke County  208
Fairfax County  1099                                                                                         Roanoke City  95
Falls Church  10                                                                                                  Rockbridge/Lexington/Buena Vista  62
Fauquier County  146                                                                                        Rockingham County  175
Floyd County  35                                                                                                Russell County  59
Fluvanna County  48                                                                                         Salem  49
Franklin City/Southampton County  44                                                       Scott County  53
Franklin County  123                                                                                        Shenandoah County  93
Frederick County  167                                                                                      Smyth County  63
Fredericksburg  25                                                                                            Spotsylvania County  220
Galax  10                                                                                                              Stafford County  220
Giles County  40                                                                                                Staunton  34
Gloucester County  85                                                                                      Suffolk  119
Goochland County  60                                                                                     Surry County  12
Grayson County  36                                                                                          Sussex County  14
Greene County  40                                                                                            Tazewell County  94
Halifax County  64                                                                                            Virginia Beach  633
Hampton  116                                                                                                    Warren County  74
Hanover County 270                                                                                        Washington County  126
Harrisonburg  39                                                                                              Waynesboro  32
Henrico County  414                                                                                        Westmoreland County  29
Henry County  97                                                                                             Williamsburg/James City County  163
Highland County 7                                                                                           Winchester  31
Hopewell  26                                                                                                     Wise County/Norton  81
Isle of Wight County  81                                                                                  Wythe County  65
King and Queen County  14                                                                            York County  126
King George County  47
King William County  39
Lancaster County  25
Lee County  51

Military Provision
Any Military Member who is otherwise qualified under Article I to participate in Republican Party actions and who complies with the procedures to become a delegate to any Convention as set forth in the Official Call of the Convention, Mass Meeting, or Party Canvass called for the purpose of selecting delegates and alternates to that Convention (other than a national Republican Convention), and who produces valid military identification or other proof of active-duty status shall be certified as a delegate and shall not be required to be elected as a delegate. The number of delegates certified in this manner shall count toward each unit’s maximum allowable number of convention delegates. Military Members who are certified as delegates pursuant to the preceding paragraph that are unable to attend the convention in person due to obligations of their official military orders, shall have their votes cast within their unit delegation according to candidate preference ballots. Candidate preference ballots shall list the Military Members rank order preference among candidates (i.e., first choice, second choice, third choice, etc.). Their votes shall be cast for the highest ranked choice candidate who remains eligible to receive a vote in a particular round of voting. Candidate preference ballots shall be made available by the RPV Chairman or his designee at least twenty (20) days prior to the convention. Ballots must be returned to Chairman Jack Wilson no later than 12:30 pm on Tuesday April 28, 2020.

III.  Delegate RegistrationFee
To assist the operations of the Republican Party of Virginia in supporting unit mass meetings and conventions, and the administration of the state Convention, a Delegate Registration Fee of Thirty-Five Dollars ($35.00) is requested of each person standing for election as a delegate or alternate delegate to the state Convention. Any delegate who fails to pay the registration fee may participate only in the Presidential Preference Poll.

IV.  Candidates Filing Requirements
(a)  Candidatesfor the Presidential Preference Poll shall pay a filing fee of $20,000 and submit a completed original version of the relevant filing form to the Chairman via postal mail, or in person, to be received no later than 5:00 PM on January 15, 2020. Postmarks do not govern.

(b)  Candidates for National Delegate and National Alternate must each submit a completed original version of the relevant filing form to the Chairman via postal mail, or in person,to be received no earlier than noon January 23, 2020 and no later than 5:00 PM, April 2, 2020. Postmarks do not govern. Additionally, candidates for National Delegate and National Alternate must submit a petition signed by 125 Virginia voters that is notarized in accordance with Virginia statutes on elections, along with a check or proof of electronic payment of a $250 filing fee to the Republican Party of Virginia. Candidates seeking election for National Delegate or National Alternate may do so through their respective District Convention or the State Convention, but not both.

(c)  Candidates for Republican Party of Virginia State Chairman must submit a completed original version of the relevant filing form along with a check or proof of electronic payment of a $5,000 filing fee to the Republican Party of Virginia, to the Chairman via postal mail, or in person, to be received no later than 5:00 PM, January 15, 2020. Postmarks do not govern.

(d)  Candidates for National Committeeman and National Committeewoman must submit a completed original version of the relevant filing form along with a check or proof of electronic payment of a $2,500 filing fee to the Republican Party of Virginia, to the Chairman via postal mail, or in person, to be received no later than 5:00 PM, January 15, 2020. Postmarks do not govern.

(e) Candidates for Elector At-Large must submit a completed original version of the official filing form, along with a check or proof of electronic payment of a $250 filing fee to the Republican Party of Virginia, to the Chairman via postal mail to be received no later than 5:00 PM  April 2, 2020. Postmarks do not govern.

(f)  All prefiling forms for offices to be chosen at this convention shall be posted on the RPV website.


VI.Certification of Delegates

Delegates and alternate delegates elected by each unit shall be certified in writing over the signatures of the permanent chairman and permanent secretary of the mass meeting or convention, and by the unit chairman in the case of a party canvass. Such Delegate Certifications shall be made using a form to be posted on the RPV website, and must be delivered to the Chairman or his designee no later than April 15 if postmarked or April 17 if delivered electronically or in person (as indicated in Section H.1.c of the Party Plan). Delegate Certifications should be delivered as soon after the election of delegates or, in the case of a cancelled Mass Meeting, Party Canvass, or Convention, the declaration of their election pursuant to Section H.9 of the Party Plan.


VII.Official Correspondence
All prefiling forms to be transmitted to the Chairman via postal mail must be sent to Jack Wilson, Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia, P.O.Box 12025, Richmond, VA 23241. Prefiling forms and fees that may be transmitted in person must be delivered to Jack Wilson, Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia, 115 East Grace Street, Richmond, Virginia 23235.  Unit certifications of state convention delegates and alternates should be sent via email to, unless the Chairman or his designee has provided prior written consent to the use of other means (e.g., FTP, DropBox, and so forth).


VIII.Presidential Preference Poll
Virginia delegates and alternate delegates to the Republican National Convention elected by the state and district conventions shall be bound on the first ballot to the candidate receiving the highest number of votes in the Presidential Preference Poll. [UPDATED February 7, 2020, to reflect change in convention site, and correct delegate vote table to correct errors in rounding.]