Upcoming STATE Elections

6th Congressional District GOP Committee:
Jennifer Brown* (current Chairman)
John Massoud

3 Delegates to National GOP Convention:
Jennifer Brown**
Darryl Borgquist**
Nancy Dye**

3 Alternate Delegates to National GOP Convention:
Jan Lowry**
Wendell Walker**

1 Elector
Robert Cook
Dan Johnson

3 Regional Directors
Dan Cullers* (Northern Region)
Randy Gilbert (Northern Region)
Curt Lilly (Central Region)
Dwight Williams* (Central Region)
Tori Mabry* (Southern Region)
Steve Richards (Southern Region)

3 Members to State Central Committee:
Steve Kurtz
Jeff Rowe*
Kaylene Seigla*
Brian Keith Triplett*
Steve Troxel
Dan Welty

*member of The Constitutional Conservatives for the 6th District
**Trump Campaign Endorsed
In 2021, Virginia will elect a new governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.
Virginia Senator Amanda Chase (11th District)  announced (Feb. 2020) that she will seek the GOP candidacy for governor. Current Attorney General Mark Herring announced in Dec. 2018 (at the end of his first year as AG) that he intends to seek the Democrat Party nomination to run for the governorship.