The Grand Ole Party at Rockbridge Regional Fair & Expo

RARC was very visible at the 2019 Rockbridge Regional Fair & Expo. With our tent located opposite the main stage, and next to the food court, lots of people saw us and stopped by to chat. Some of our volunteers walked around the fair grounds, asking visitors if they were registered to vote or familiar with our candidates. Many were interested to learn that Elliott Harding was running for our 25th Senate District, and indicated they would seriously consider voting for him. Lots of “Cline” and “Campbell” balloons were given out and a number of yard signs.

Several of our candidates showed up throughout the three days of the fair, including Rep. Ben Cline, Del. Ronnie Campbell, Charles Kostelni, Daniel Mowry and Bob Day. Elliot Harding could not attend, but his campaign person did and was quite active.

The volunteers were so wonderful in every way. Without them, we would not have been able to support the event for three days.

(Write-up and Photos by Event Coordinator Ramona Hazera.)